“We were looking to buy a home – me and my fiance – for our family. Willard had dealt with Mortgage Solutions before. They were a good sound company, as far as easy to work with and very professional. He said, ‘Let me get a hold of they guy that I worked with the last couple of times.’ It was really great. The experience was really very easy. Jim called us right away and took the information over the phone. He says ‘let me get back with you and I’ll let you know where you stand’ and he put everything into motion. And before I knew it, we were at the table signing for my house…this is the third time. We’ve been very pleased with Mortgage Solutions for years. They’re great people to work with…we felt like he was an old friend.” ~ Denise and Willard

“I went to buy a house and I talk to other lenders who said we can get you pre approved and you know, it would take them weeks. They were saying, ‘Oh, we’re on track, be patient’ and things just didn’t work out.So I called Mortgage Solutions and they sounded like a company that I’d trust. I was able to call at 7:00 in the evening and I actually got a hold of a person, Jacob – rather than an answering machine. He assured me that he would move as quickly as he possibly could and he called me back every single time within a short amount of time. He did a great job for me….very patient.

I would recommend Mortgage Solutions because they’ll tell you exactly what they can do for you, they’ll be completely honest with you. Mortgage Solutions does a great job!” ~ Debbie

“My name is Angie and I have lived in the Four Corners area my whole life. I went to Jayda Matekovic at Mortgage Solutions in March of 2012 in hopes of buying a new home. I had bought a home previously and used a different mortgage company and had a horrible experience. I was not pleased and honestly very skeptical about buying another home. I had heard the Mortgage Solutions commercials on the radio and had decided I wanted to go to them but wanted to see if anyone else had previously dealt with them.

To my delighted surprise all of the people I asked for references had used and enjoyed their experience with Mortgage Solutions regardless of who was taking care of them. That sealed the deal for me. I took all my paperwork down to Jayda and I felt at “home” from the minute I walked in to the time she hugged me when I received the keys to my new home. Jayda took care of me. She communicated with me every step of the way and was very honest and trustworthy. When she said she would have something done or have an answer by a certain time or date she had it for me. She watched closely at the rates for my loan and got me an amazing deal. I think in these economic times people assume the hoops they have to jump through to get a home loan are high but I never felt I was struggling or jumping through hoops because Jayda is so proficient at her job and has all the skills and resources she needs to take care of her customers. She has a sign in her office that says “Come in as a stranger leave as a friend” this couldn’t be more true. I was in my new house in no time and have and will continue to refer anyone who asks me to Mortgage Solutions. Thank you Jayda Matekovic for making my home buying experience the best it could have ever been and for making me feel like a winner.” ~ Angie

“In a lender, you look for trust…and you look for communication and you’re going to get both of those at Mortgage Solutions.”My clients love them, and if you want somebody who’s thorough, who’s going to take you through the loan process from beginning to end successfully, you want to go with Mortgage Solutions. Clients will tell realtors their biggest complaints with realtors is lack of communication and realtors sometimes have the same problems with lenders. Not true with Mortgage Solutions. They’re going to come through and make sure that your transaction is closed successfully and one that leaves you with a smile on your face. They’re a great team there, and they’re going to do what they said they were going to do.” ~ Rick, Realtor, Century 21 Homestead Realty

“We’ve dealt with other finance companies and banks. But at Mortgage Solutions, it’s like they’ve known you forever. We felt lost working with another big company. Mortgage Solutions is more of a personal touch. It’s like a small school education versus a big school education. More personal, you know. I had an opportunity to become a collegiate coach at one time and then I realized that it’s the personal relationships that are more important. Well, the same thing here. I recommend Mortgage Solutions all the time. If you don’t go to Mortgage Solutions, you’re missing an opportunity to have friendly service. And good people to take care of you.” ~ Larry, Coach, Alamosa High School

“When we worked with another mortgage company they dropped the ball about 4 times on us. But when we worked with Mortgage Solutions they were outstanding. We purchased three rental properties this year and financed them all through Mortgage Solutions. Our realtor actually recommended Mortgage Solutions because she’s worked with them extensively and some of our deals were pretty tough. I was surprised because our interest rates always turned out to be lower than Mortgage Solutions initially quoted. Whatever they said they would do, they did. They kept us well informed, they were professional, straight forward and prompt. Our loan officer even met us at all of our closings – I’m not sure if that’s the norm, but I don’t think so.” ~ Farrah, Trinidad

“My name is Brandy and my story begins about a year ago.  A recently divorced mother of two small children living with my parents with a good job, and a steady second income from contract work. I was having a conversation with my mother telling her how my heart longed to be in a home of my own with a backyard for my kids by “this time next year” “the housing market is great for buyers, but there is no way I could get a loan, I don’t have anything down and I don’t think I can even qualify with my VA benefits”. My mom said “you don’t know until you try, why you don’t give Jayda a call, she was wonderful in getting us refinanced”. I knew my mom was right, doesn’t hurt to try, but I was beat down and truly afraid of the big “NO” that I though loomed over me. Finally I gave in and made the call after my young son requested his “own backyard”.

My first call to Jayda was frightening, I was afraid to even try, afraid to get my hopes up. She was kind, professional and confident she could help me make my dream come true, but the “homework” she gave me was somewhat overwhelming. I voiced my concern over my “homework” and she broke the ice with me with a laugh and statement she had never thought of the paperwork as “homework” (the start of a friendship). Jayda walked me through countless questions, eased my panic over not having my “green VA form” by simply saying “I got it covered”, and she did!

My first face to face meeting was like sitting with an old friend. She said “start looking for a home”, my heart sang. Jayda then recommend an amazing realtor, Elizabeth, who also soon became a good friend.

I would often wake up to a new email from Jayda with words of encouragement and updates, and my phone calls and emails where always answered promptly.

But, things can’t be that easy, right? Right? The mortgage paperwork went smoothly, but we had a difficult time finding the right home. We had a home with an excepted offer fall through because of seller issues a day before closing…. Heartbreaking! yet a blessing in disguise. Jayda and Elizabeth put their heads, hearts and experience together and truly went above and beyond to get us into the perfect house. I know in my heart that their hard work, sacrifice and prayers are why I am now able to sit and write this while looking out onto my perfect backyard with happy, happy kids.

Thank you is not enough, I know customer care exists. I would recommend Mortgage Solutions and Jayda to any and every one; in fact I’ll drive them down.

Thank you for making a dream come true. ~ Brandy, Farmington New Mexico