USDA Loans

If you are looking for a home loan without a down payment, a USDA loan could very well be your best pick. Ask our professional staff at Mortgage Solutions Financial and we will help you understand whether you actually qualify for a loan like this. Some necessary pre-conditions need to be confirmed in order for you to be eligible. These include:

Income Restrictions

The processing of a USDA loan requires potential borrowers to provide proof of income. Every county has its own set of restrictions with respect to eligibility norms. Our officials at Mortgage Solutions Financial can help you determine your specific guidelines. The prime aim of mobilizing these loans is to help the smaller communities residing in rural belts flourish by making property and land much more affordable.

Place of Residence

To qualify for a USDA loan, you must reside in an area that is designated as rural and fulfills USDA requirements. Contact us so we can check the eligibility of your county. Contrary to popular belief there are quite a few areas that actually qualify for zero-down-payment home loans.

Provided you have a proficient team of advisers like the ones at Mortgage Solutions Financial, you will find the qualification process very straightforward.

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