Correspondent Lending

Mortgage Solutions Financial Correspondent: It's Your MoveMortgage Solutions Financial Correspondent Lending operates in the acquisition of residential mortgage loans from our approved mortgage banking lending partners throughout the United States. We have built our foundation around our dedication to providing outstanding customer service to our partners. Lenders have come to expect our personalized service, fast funding, and competitive pricing on a diverse line of loan products that fit your clients’ needs. Benefits of Mortgage Solutions Financial Correspondent program include:

  1. Broad product line, as a result of our Direct Advantage.
  2. Ease of approval and requirement.
  3. Greater ability to manage risk loan by loan.
  4. Best efforts locks with no fee for non-delivery and opportunity for better pricing with better pull-through.

Ready to become of a correspondent partner? Contact Steve Chavira at for more information, or complete our correspondent application and agreement today.