About Mortgage Solutions Financial

Mortgage Solutions Financial is one of the best and most respected loan and mortgage companies in the United States. Founded by retired Air Force Officer, Roy Clennan, Mortgage Solutions Financial operates just like a firm family unit guided by strong professionalism, expertise and excellence in customer service. We are dedicated to making the process of getting a loan as simple and straightforward as possible for our clients.

Mortgage Solutions Financial offers a comprehensive range of services to help families procure new homes, refinance their existing mortgages and reduce their monthly payments. While our company – our family – is continually growing, you can rest assured that we never compromise on the values that make us great. We help fulfill the dreams of thousands of people every year; a new home to move into, better financial planning and a fresh start towards a brighter future.

We now have locations all across the country, with professional staff that live where you do and who are committed to understanding your needs. With options for direct lending and seven-days-a-week availability, there is no time like now to contact us. Let’s talk, and find the perfect loan program that’s just right for you.

Our Mission

Mortgage Solutions Financial is devoted to excellence. While most established companies lose sight of their values as they grow, Mortgage Solutions Financial has consistently worked towards cultivating a culture of humility and servitude. The loan and mortgage industry is complex and can be daunting. Our purpose is to streamline the complexity into simple choices for our customers. There is a perfect loan just for you. We will find it for you. Our dedicated staff will always keep your best interest in mind, not ours. If you walk into one of our offices and find that you do not need that loan after all, we will not try to force something on you.

That is why we are known as a company with integrity. We are here to make your money work for you. With our commitment to expanding our knowledge, professionalism and passion, you get greater peace of mind.